Ethical Data Collection

By Eleventy8 | 08/01/2020

Data, Data and More Data

In most industries, user data is a valuable resource. For as long as there has been marketing, there has also been user surveys, customer feedback, competitions etc., all methods of which to engage with customers but really a thinly veiled way to get hold of customer data.

There is no question that any business should understand its customers so that they can fulfil their needs and provide a better service. But there are ways to go about this where you as a business owner can own your own customer data. You don’t always have to rely on services provided by large global corporations who not only collect your user data, but also collect yours for their own means.

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

It’s actually quite shocking the lengths and extremes corporations like Facebook, Google and Twitter etc., will go to gather you and your users personal data.

We now live in a world where free seems to be the baseline of a lot of online services. For example, can you imagine paying for an email service?

But free is never really free. If you use a Google service like Gmail, use Google Chrome to access it, or post lots of content on Facebook, what you’re doing is offsetting the costs of those services by giving away your privacy. The data you post and the emails you send/receive are fair game to these Silicon Valley giants and it’s all sold on to advertisers.

Data Collection Doesn’t Have to be Invasive

At Eleventy8 we take data collection and privacy seriously. We feel that rather than vacuuming up all the data, we’d rather go at it with a scalpel and only take what is actually useful.

We also want to help put you in control of your data and what you’re willing to allow us to have. If you take a look at our Privacy Policy, you’ll see that we’ve done a lot to limit the amount of data we collect, and what data we do collect, we try to encrypt as much of it as possible.

Safeguarding your privacy is an ongoing process and Eleventy8 will continue to search out new ways to make sure that your personal data is never compromised.