Technology Bias

By Eleventy8 | 30/10/2019

Understanding Your Requirements

When you invite a consultant to review your businesses IT infrastructure, you want impartial advice that suits you and your businesses needs. From listening they can learn how you and/or your staff go about their daily tasks and offer advice on how you can streamline, increase productivity and possibly cut costs in the process.

However, technology can be like fashion. Trends develop as the latest service, device or product receives increasing exposure in the technology press, social media, advertising and other outlets. By social osmosis these services, devices or products are then recommended by professionals as a one size fits all solution.

It could be that the consultant you employ also has a personal like for a single corporations products and services. You will likely be recommended these corporations products and services as a way forward with little understanding of how you and your business operates.

There can also be a scenario where a certain product or service is recommended because it’s seen as a potential revenue stream opportunity. Affiliate schemes, where you can earn money by recommending, are quite common and this can lead to a heavy bias on a particular product or service.

If you’re running a business, you want technology to adapt to you and your staff, not requiring you to have to adapt to it and risk loss of revenue and productivity while everyone is learning a new way to get things done.

At Eleventy8 we ask questions about your current IT and workflows, then listen to what you have to say. We do not tell you what you have to do, we advise you. This approach allows us to make sound suggestions, no matter how small, on how to get IT working for you and not against you.

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