Technology for Technologies Sake?

By Eleventy8 | 15/10/2019

Filthy Touchscreens!

The first iPhone was launched in 2007, Steve Jobs pulled it of his pocket and soon mobile devices were transformed into pocket computers.

The perfection of the touchscreen has dramatically changed the way we interface with technology, so much so that now many fast food establishments have adopted the technology to take food orders.

MacDonalds Touchscreen Ordering
MacDonalds Touchscreen Ordering

This technology has obviously become so affordable for businesses that even my local Morrison’s supermarket has one in their cafe.

Introducing these large touchscreen devices is no doubt a phased plan to reduce employee overheads and increase profits by speeding up the ordering process. But I can’t help consider the hygiene risks these devices introduce.

A study conducted back in 2013 claimed that touchscreen devices harboured more germs than a toilet seat. Even if these claims are exaggerated, it does still raise questions about the overall cleanliness of these methods of ordering.

People’s personal hygiene habits vastly vary and every time I see one of these large touchscreen ordering devices, I can’t help wonder when it was last cleaned.

When I last used one of these, I thought about this and decided to eat my toasted cheese and bacon sandwich with a knife and fork. I’d rather not take the chance of getting e.coli.

If these devices aren’t cleaned on a regular basis then perhaps some hand sanitiser or hygiene wipes should be available beside them.