The Inter Milan Debacle

By Eleventy8 | 31/10/2019

If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t, could never be more relevant!

Paul, of Eleventy8, enjoys Italian Football and has a leaning towards Inter Milan. So one evening whilst watching a game, he decided to browse eBay for the most recent Inter Milan jersey.

Anyway, a great deal was found, less than £20 on eBay for the Inter Milan jersey in adult sizes! Considering the full retail price for an Inter Milan jersey is up to £69.95, this deal seemed like a steal, even if there was something a little suspicious.

An impulse purchase was made that night, a little buyer’s remorse, along with a child like grin and then payment made.

Now, it’s quite important to point out at this stage, that the purchase did include a player name printed on the back of the jersey, if requested. Although Romelu Lukaku is a fantastic player (and having a hell of a season so far), Paul didn’t want to walk around with the players name on his back. So when purchasing the Inter Milan jersey he decided to leave the option blank, i.e Plain.

Twelve days later, a package from China was left on the doorstep, seemed quite large for just a jersey but nonetheless, Paul excitedly opened it only to find the entire Inter Milan kit in the wrong size. Not only that, but it had Lukaku printed on the back of it!

Inter Milan Lukaku Shirt
Inter Milan Lukaku Shirt

The kit itself looked genuine enough, I suppose it could have been a good fake, but who cares about that. That evening Paul contacted the eBay seller and outlined the problems.

The seller responded and asked to see pictures of the Inter Milan jersey, detailing the player print and the size error.

A day passed without response, so another message was sent with another photo in order to nudge the seller into a reaction.

A few hours later the eBay seller responded and a few pleasantries were exchanged. The eBay seller admitted the mistake and offered to rectify the situation by posting out another Inter Milan jersey in the right size at no cost. Excellent!

Well, eight days later, this arrives…

Inter Milan Plain Print
Inter Milan Plain Print

I’m not sure if there is a moral to this story. Perhaps Paul should have just paid the full £70 and got a shirt from a reputable seller, or just admit grown men shouldn’t be wearing football jerseys.

Lesson learned… maybe.

UPDATE: Well, after taking a photo of the Inter Milan jersey and sending it to the eBay seller, with the message, ‘Is this a joke?’, they got back to me.

They expressed their disbelief in broken English and offered to replace the jersey for a third time.

At this stage I thought why not and let the seller try to make amends.

Seven days later a new jersey arrived and it was in the right size and had no print at all on it. Third time lucky.

Romelu Lukaku Inter Milan
Romelu Lukaku Inter Milan