Why We’re Using Flywheel

By Eleventy8 | 06/11/2019

Starting as we Mean to go on

Having experienced many hosting platforms and providers, we knew that you really do get what you pay for. Despite this we signed up with a cheap web hosting provider to host this very site you’re looking at.

Within the first two weeks we received a number of notifications that this website was offline multiple times up to 40 minutes or more. When trying to build our custom theme we had numerous database disconnection issues and the whole thing was getting very frustrating. Having a website go down for, reasons, does not inspire confidence.

Dedicated WordPress Hosting to the Rescue

After some consideration, and checking the bank balance, we decided to sign up to Flywheel. Flywheel is a dedicated WordPress hosting platform which makes our life a lot easier. We can now just get on and build, rather than deal with problems and downtime.

Because we’re now customers of Flywheel, by proxy, you’ll become customers of Flywheel if you decide to have a website built by Eleventy8.

This means you’ll benefit from features such as automatic WordPress upgrades, dedicated resources powered by Google Cloud, Optimal server configurations and more.

Eleventy8 is not going to suffer cheap web hosting, and neither will you. Some things are just worth paying a little extra.